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I am a 77 years old physicist trying to keep my mind active. In year 2000 I decided to launch my own web site entitled archaeometry, which means Measurement of the past. Over the years, I noticed that the number of visitors remains stationary. After SEMRISE had suggested to me to increase the visibility, I decided, limited by my financial resources, to ask them to boost the audience to one particular page, dealing with Ancient Chinese dreams, a topic upon which I started to look at already in my high school days. To improve the code of this page, I have been advised by David from SEMRISE who very patiently, step by step, indicated to me the necessary corrections. Impatient as I was, I felt first very disappointed to see no rise in the number of visitors, but at the end of the month, once all the corrections have been implemented, suddenly the goal was reached, thanks to David.

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Thank you very much, David. I went on the site this morning and it looks great!